About Shawn Z. Tarrant

Shawn Z. Tarrant is a solid member of our community

He owns his home. His children go to our schools. He works here. He goes to church here. He is President of his neighborhood association. He’s right on the issues that affect us, our neighbors and our district. He needs your help to represent us in the House of Delegates in Annapolis.

Leadership isn’t something you just decide to take up one day. It takes skill. It takes commitment. It takes caring. But most important, leadership takes practice. You can’t learn it by watching. You have to do it yourself.

Shawn Tarrant has done it. He is a proven leader. As President of the Ashburton Area Association, he has called the meetings when problems have come up. He has made the plans and organized his neighbors. He has brought in the city and state officials.He has made the association a strong team and kept the lines of communication open. He has fought to keep his community strong and healthy. And he has worked with yount people coaching their little league baseball and basketball teams.

Shawn Tarrant has also been a leader on his Job. As regional Director for a pharmaceutical company he has worked to get access to quality health care for low-income people and seniors.

Shawn Tarrant cares deeply about our community, because it’s his community.